• If I'm the better player, why am I clueless!

    When playing someone that you are supposed to be better than, STOP trying to annihilate them by hitting unbelievable winners all the time. You are the better player because you are more consistent! NOT because you hit winners all the time. This is another one of those deals that most players have backwards. They think, "I'm the better player, therefore my opponent should not be able to stay in the point with me." WRONG! They should be in the point with you and even win points against you, but in the long haul you will win most of the points. THAT'S WHAT BEING THE BETTER PLAYER MEANS!

    I have seen excellent players go on the court against a player on a lower level and lose handily. The reason? The better player still does not know why he (or she) is better! Consistent play is the key, NOT hitting winners every other shot. Even Roger Federer does not do that! Yet the Fed Express is the best in the world! Why? Because he is consistent. Roger Federer still has to rally with his opponents, look for an opening and then exploit that opening.

    Stop equating being better with hitting outstanding shots (unless every shot is outstanding - and that will happen when pigs fly). So why do you fall apart when you play a lesser player? You are putting undue pressure on yourself to perform at an unrealistic level. 

    Think of it this way. You have two phases to a point. The consistent phase and the winner phase (if the point makes it that far). If there is no opportunity to hit a winner then STAY in the consistent phase, moving the ball around like a true Tennis Warrior. If you then see an opportunity to go for a winner, take it! You will find that against a lower level player you will win most of your points in the consistent phase of the point. Occasionally, you will be given easy set-ups to go for the winner. If you stick with the simple formula of consistency you will be astounded by your simply stunning success.

    Sounds simple doesn't it? It is simple! But I have learned long ago that tennis is a simple game that people complicate!


    Do the simple right, then do the simple better, then simply be the best at doing the simple. The pros do the simple so well you thinks it's complicated. But it's not!

    Tom Veneziano

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